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    Technology Solutions

    fullSystem has always followed the technological and market evolutions, proposing flexible and innovative solutions, supported by high level of quality.

    We are constantly engaged in supporting and favoring the technological development of our Customers, thanks to the creation of a dense network of industrial collaborations, both in the public and in the private sector.



    We provide support in the implementation of complex and multi-technology systems (LoraWAN, Wi-fi, Bluetooth ...), starting from the scouting of the most suitable technological solutions in terms of cost/effectiveness on a global scale, supporting the customer from the design phase of the architecture of the model up to the definition of the final requirements.

    Technology Systems

    We offer solutions for technological systems in the mobility industry; Monitoring systems for complex infrastructures and networks; Integrated video surveillance systems; Intrusion and access control systems.

    Smart Technologies Solutions

    Both in a urban and country contexts, fullSystem deals with the design, implementation and maintenance of the following: Remote control and remote management networks; Smart City & Smart Industry; Multi-technological infrastructures; Fixed/Mobile integration; Environmental sensor networks; Parking/Traffic management; Big Data & Blockchain.


    We provide design, implementation and maintenance of mobility networks in urban environments, such as trolleybus and tramways.