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    Job openings

    Who are we looking for?

    We are looking for people at all levels of professional development, both Junior – new high school and University graduates with a maximum of two years of experience – and Senior.

    If you are just at the beginning of your professional career, we will place you on an internship and will guide you through an on-the-job learning path to teach you the basics of consulting and build your career path together. If you are a more experienced professional, we will provide you new challenges and opportunities for growth.

    Essential requirements to be part of the Fullsystem family are to always have an eye to the future, to have respect for yourself and for others, and to put passion into everything you do. We believe our talents should be proud of their work, as we are of them.

    What we offer?

    We have a dynamic work environment and a flat organizational structure – we are all part of the same Fullsystem family! This means that you can have a real impact on your daily work and results, and you can always count on the support of more experienced colleagues. If you have the qualities we are looking for, we will be happy to offer you:

    • Challenging work projects in national and international contexts
    • A relaxed work environment with smart and always available colleagues, even for an evening with friends
    • Ability to work side by side with highly qualified professionals, both from Fullsystem family and from our Clients
    • Flexible working arrangements to ensure a better work-life balance

    Selection process

    Depending on the type of profile, our selection process is divided in one or more steps:

    1. Interview with the HR department: we will get to know each other, on the values that are important to us and for you, and on the experiences made, testing your motivation and your soft skills.
    2. Technical interview: according to the required technical skills, you will make an assessment with a colleague who will map the level of your current and potential competences.
    3. Position interview: a project manager from Fullsystem, or directly from the Client, will tell you about the responsibilities of the position and will go deeper to the role details. It will be an opportunity to discuss previous experiences and growth objectives.

    Apply for one of the openings below or send us your spontaneous application to We are waiting for you!

    Progettista Senior FTTH/FWA OF
    Progettista Senior FTTH/FWA OF 2
    Progettista Senior FTTH/FWA OF 3