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    ICT Solutions

    fullSystem presents itself as a highly competent technological partner.

    We provide our Clients with commercial and technical resources dedicated to the planning and creation of high integration technology.

    Every new project is “tailored” to meet our Clients’ specific needs. Thanks to our collaboration with important university organizations and agreements with some of the most important Partners in the industry, we have state-of-the-art RFID data, barcodes, qr-codes, picture recognition technology, and custom built solutions.

    The excellent competency in specific areas and the experience gained in technology integration are what make fullSystem the ideal associate to medium and large-sized companies equipped with evolving information systems and of different complexity, freeing them of the rigid limits imposed by traditional systems, improving processes and increasing competitiveness.

    We collaborate with our Clients to become acquainted with their needs. We take on and seek to overcome our Clients’ challenges.

    Our products for the ICT industry: