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    Telco Solutions

    The organizational structure and the informative system cover every aspect of a product's lifecycle, from the development and design, to the trial and delivery.

    In particular, data and information management is fully integrated throughout the company’s layout, from the design to administration and accounting, and from the planning and realisation of the production, to the storage and delivery.

    The production system is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 regulations.

    This guarantees that every phase which makes up the production process is continuously checked and verified. Constant evolution and the need to provide clients with a complete product have brought about the manufacturing of numerous products made of plastic, sheet metal, wood and other materials.

    fullSystem‘s complete range of up-to-date and refined products have become a reference point for its numerous clients. Products are manufactured in a vast 4000 square metre establishment containing state-of-the-art machinery and spray paint booths.